kcatalogprint – Knot DNS catalog print utility


kcatalogprint [config_option] [options]


The program prints zone catalog stored in a catalog database.

Config options

-c, --config file

Use a textual configuration file (default is @config_dir@/knot.conf).

-C, --confdb directory

Use a binary configuration database directory (default is @storage_dir@/confdb). The default configuration database, if exists, has a preference to the default configuration file.

-D, --dir path

Use specified catalog database path and default configuration.


-a, --catalog

Filter the output by catalog zone name.

-m, --member

Filter the output by member zone name.

-h, --help

Print the program help.

-V, --version

Print the program version.

Exit values

Exit status of 0 means successful operation. Any other exit status indicates an error.

See Also

knotd(8), knot.conf(5).