Version 2.2.1


  • Fix separate logging of server and zone events
  • Fix concurrent zone file flushing with many zones
  • Fix possible server crash with empty hostname on OpenWRT
  • Fix control timeout parsing in knotc
  • Fix "Environment maxreaders limit reached" error in knotc
  • Don't apply journal changes on modified zone file
  • Remove broken LTO option from configure script
  • Enable multiple zone names completion in interactive knotc
  • Set the TC flag in a response if a glue doesn't fit the response
  • Disallow server reload when there is an active configuration transaction


  • Distinguish unavailable zones from zones with zero serial in log messages
  • Log warning and error messages to standard error output in all utilities
  • Document tested PKCS #11 devices
  • Extended Python configuration interface

Full Knot DNS 2.2 changelog