Version 2.4.0


  • New unified LMDB-based zone journal
  • Server statistics support
  • New statistics module for traffic measuring
  • Automatic deletion of retired DNSSEC keys
  • New control logging category


  • Lower memory consumption with qp-trie
  • Zone events and zone timers improvements
  • Print all zone names in the FQDN format
  • Simplified query module interface
  • Shared TCP connection between SOA query and transfer
  • Response Rate Limiting as a module with statistics support
  • Key filters in keymgr


  • False positive semantic-check warning about invalid bitmap in NSEC
  • Unnecessary SOA queries upon notify with up to date serial
  • Timers for expired zones are reset on reload
  • Zone doesn't expire when the server is down
  • Failed to handle keys with duplicate keytags
  • Per zone module and global module insconsistency
  • Obsolete online signing module configuration
  • Malformed output from kjournalprint
  • Redundant SO_REUSEPORT activation on the TCP socket
  • Failed to use higher number of background workers

Full Knot DNS 2.4.0 changelog