Version 2.5.0


  • KASP database switched from JSON files to LMDB database
  • KSK rollover support using CDNSKEY and CDS in the automatic DNSSEC signing
  • Dynamic module loading support with proper module API
  • Journal can store full zone contents (not only differences)
  • Zone freeze/thaw support
  • Updated knotc zone-status output with optional column filters
  • New '[no]crypto' option in kdig
  • New keymgr implementation reflecting KASP database changes
  • New pykeymgr for JSON-based KASP database migration
  • Removed obsolete knot1to2 utility


  • Added libidn2 support to kdig (with libidn fallback)
  • Maximum timer database switched from configure to the server configuration

Full Knot DNS 2.5.0 changelog