Version 2.5.4


  • New minimum and maximum refresh interval config options (Thanks to Manabu Sonoda)
  • New warning when unforced flush with disabled zone file synchronization
  • New 'dnskey' keymgr command
  • Linking with libatomic on architectures that require it (Thanks to Pierre-Olivier Mercier)
  • Removed 'OK' from listing keymgr command outputs
  • Extended journal and keymgr documentation and logging


  • Incorrect handling of specific corner-cases with zone-in-journal
  • The 'share' keymgr command doesn't work
  • Server crashes if configured with query-size and reply-size statistics options
  • Malformed big integer configuration values on some 32-bit platforms
  • Keymgr uses local time when parsing date inputs
  • Memory leak in kdig upon IXFR query