Version 2.6.6


  • New EDNS option counters in the statistics module
  • New '+orphan' filter for the 'zone-purge' operation


  • Reduced memory consuption of disabled statistics metrics
  • Some spelling fixes (Thanks to Daniel Kahn Gillmor)
  • Server no longer fails to start if MODULE_DIR doesn't exist
  • Configuration include doesn't fail if empty wildcard match
  • Added a configuration check for a problematical option combination


  • NSEC3 chain not re-created when SOA minimum TTL changed
  • Failed to start server if no template is configured
  • Possibly incorrect SOA serial upon changed zone reload with DNSSEC signing
  • Inaccurate outgoing zone transfer size in the log message
  • Invalid dname compression if empty question section
  • Missing EDNS in EMALF responses