Version 2.7.0


  • New DNS Cookies module and related '+cookie' kdig option
  • New module for response tailoring according to client's subnet or geographic location
  • General EDNS Client Subnet support in the server
  • OSS-Fuzz integration (Thanks to Jonathan Foote)
  • New '+ednsopt' kdig option (Thanks to Jan Včelák)
  • Online Signing support for automatic key rollover
  • Non-normal file (e.g. pipe) loading support in zscanner #542
  • Automatic SOA serial incrementation if non-empty zone difference
  • New zone file load option for ignoring zone file's SOA serial
  • New build-time option for alternative malloc specification
  • Structured logging for DNSSEC key submission event
  • Empty QNAME support in kdig


  • Various library and server optimizations
  • Reduced memory consumption of outgoing IXFR processing
  • Linux capabilities use overhaul #546 (Thanks to Robert Edmonds)
  • Online Signing properly signs delegations and CNAME records
  • CDS/CDNSKEY rrset is signed with KSK instead of ZSK
  • DNSSEC-related records are ignored when loading zone difference with signing enabled
  • Minimum allowed RSA key length was increased to 1024
  • Removed explicit dependency on Nettle


  • Possible uninitialized address buffer use in zscanner
  • Possible index overflow during multiline record parsing in zscanner
  • kdig +tls sometimes consumes 100 % CPU #561
  • Single-Type Signing doesn't work with single ZSK key #566
  • Zone not flushed after re-signing during zone load #594
  • Server crashes when committing empty zone transaction
  • Incoming IXFR with on-slave signing sometimes leads to memory corruption #595


  • Removed obsolete RRL configuration
  • Removed obsolete module names 'mod-online-sign' and 'mod-synth-record'
  • Removed obsolete 'ixfr-from-differences' configuration option
  • Removed old journal migration
  • Removed module rosedb