Version 2.8.2


  • New blocking mode for zone event triggers in knotc
  • New weighted records mode in the module geoip (Thanks to Conrad Hoffmann)
  • Module noudp allows UDP allow rate configuration


  • NSEC3 salt lifetime can be set to infinity
  • New 'running' zone event status in the knotc output
  • Knotc in the forced mode returns failure also if zone check emits any warning
  • Ignoring PMTU information for IPv4/UDP via IP_PMTUDISC_OMIT (Thanks to Daisuke Higashi)
  • Various improvements in the documentation


  • Broken setting of CPU affinity for UDP workers
  • Unexpected results with the geoip subnet mode
  • Sometimes insufficient zone adjusting
  • Incoherent DNSKEY RRSIG lifetimes in SKR
  • Confusing output from keymgr if an error occurs during KSR generation
  • Non-functional changeset history depth limitation in kjournalprint
  • Wrong processing of multiple $INCLUDE directives #646