Version 2.8.3


  • Added cert/key file configuration for TLS in kdig (Thanks to Alexander Schultz)


  • More verbose log message for offline-KSK signing
  • Module RRL logs affected source address subnet instead of only one source address
  • Extended DNSSEC policy configuration checks
  • Various improvements in the documentation


  • Excessive server load when maximum TCP clients limit is reached
  • Incorrect reply after zone update with a node changed from non-authoritative to delegation
  • Wrong error line number in a config file if it contains leading tab character
  • Config file error message contains unrelated parsing context
  • NSEC3 salt not updated when reconfigured to zero length
  • Kjournalprint sometimes prints a random value for per-zone occupation
  • Missing debug log for failed zone refresh triggered by zone notification
  • DS check not scheduled when reconfigured
  • Broken unit test on NetBSD 8.x