Version 2.8.4


  • Automatic uploading of DS records to parent zone using DDNS, see 'policy.ds-push' configuration option


  • Incoming IXFR no longer falls back to AXFR if connection error #642
  • More accurate semantic checks for missing glue records
  • Various code and documentation improvements


  • Failed to read/export configuration if 'acl.update-type' is set #651
  • Failed to generate initial zero-length salt
  • Missing error log for invalid rrtype input to dynamic configuration #652
  • Missing error log when AXFR processing fails to store zone data
  • Redundant notice log about unavailable persistent configuration DB
  • Zone not flushed after retransfer if SOA serial not changed
  • Zone contents not properly fixed during zone transfers
  • No changeset created for updated rrset's TTL if changed by RR addition