Version 2.9.3


  • New configuration option 'remote.block-notify-after-transfer' to suppress sending NOTIFY messages
  • Enabled testing support for Ed448 DNSSEC algorithm (requires GnuTLS 3.6.12+ and not-yet-released Nettle 3.6+)
  • New keymgr parameter 'local-serial' for getting/setting signed zone SOA serial in the KASP database
  • keymgr can import Ed25519 and Ed448 keys in the BIND format (Thanks to Conrad Hoffmann)


  • kdig returns error if the query name is invalid
  • Increased 'server.tcp-io-timeout' default value to 500 ms
  • Decreased 'database.journal-db-max-size' default value to 512 MiB on 32-bit systems
  • Server no longer falls back to AXFR if master is outdated during zone refresh
  • Some documentation improvements (including new EPUB format and compatibility with Ultra Electronics CIS Keyper Plus HSM)
  • Some packaging improvements (including new python3-libknot deb package)


  • Outgoing IXFR can be malformed if the message size has specific size
  • Server can crash if the zone contains solo NSEC3 record
  • Improved compatibility with older journal format
  • Incorrect SOA TTL in negative answers — SOA minimum not considered
  • Cannot unset uppercase nodes via control interface #668
  • Module RRL doesn't set AA flag and NOERROR rcode in slipped responses
  • Server returns FORMERR instead of NOTIMP if empty QUESTION and unknown OPCODE