Version 3.0.0


  • High-performance networking mode using XDP sockets (requires Linux 4.18+)
  • Support for Catalog zones including kcatalogprint utility
  • New DNSSEC validation mode
  • New kzonesign utility — an interface for manual DNSSEC signing
  • New kxdpgun utility — high-performance DNS over UDP traffic generator for Linux
  • DoH support in kdig using GnuTLS and libnghttp2
  • New KSK revoked state (RFC 5011) in manual DNSSEC key management mode
  • Deterministic signing with ECDSA algorithms (requires GnuTLS 3.6.10+)
  • Module synthrecord supports reverse pointer shortening
  • Safe persistent zone data backup and restore


  • Processing depth of CNAME and DNAME chains is limited to 20
  • Non-FQDN is allowed as 'update-owner-name' configuration option value
  • Kdig prints detailed algorithm idendifier for PRIVATEDNS and PRIVATEOID in multiline mode #334
  • Queries with QTYPE ANY or RRSIG are always responded with at most one random RRSet
  • The statistics module has negligible performance overhead on modern CPUs
  • If multithreaded zone signing is enabled, some additional zone maintenance steps are newly parallelized
  • ACL can be configured by reference to a remote
  • Better CPU cache locality for higher query processing performance
  • Logging to non-syslog streams contains timestamps with the timezone
  • Keeping initial DNSKEY TTL and zone maximum TTL in KASP database to ensure proper rollover timing in case of TTL changes during the rollover
  • Responding FORMERR to queries with more OPT records


  • Module onlinesign responds NXDOMAIN insted of NOERROR (NODATA) if DNSSEC not requested
  • Outgoing multi-message transfer can contain invalid compression pointers under specific conditions