Version 3.0.1


  • New command in keymgr for validation of RRSIGs in SKR
  • Keymgr validates RRSIGs in SKR during import
  • New option in kzonecheck to skip DNSSEC-related checks


  • Module noudp has new configuration option for UDP truncation rate
  • Better detection of reproducible signing availability
  • Kxdpgun allows setting of network interface
  • Default control timeout in knotc was increased to 60 seconds
  • DNSSEC validation searches for invalid redundant RRSIGs
  • Configuration source detection no longer considers empty confdb directory as active configuration
  • Zone backup preserves original zone file if zone file synchronization is disabled


  • NSEC3 re-salt can cause server crash due to possible zone inconsistencies
  • Zone reload logs 'invalid parameter' if zone file not changed
  • Outgoing multi-message transfer can contain invalid compression pointers under specific conditions
  • Improper handling of file descriptors in libdnssec
  • Server crashes if no policy is configured with DNSSEC validation
  • Server crashes if DNSSEC validation is enabled for unsigned zone
  • Failed to build with libnghttp2 (Thanks to Robert Edmonds)
  • Various bugs in zone data backup/restore