Version 3.0.3


  • Kjournalprint can display changesets starting from specific SOA serial


  • New configuration check on ambiguous 'storage' specification #706
  • New configuration check on problematic 'zonefile-load' with 'journal-contents' combination
  • Server logs positive ACL check in debug severity level (Thanks to Andreas Schrägle)
  • More verbose logging of failed zone backup
  • Extended documentation for catalog zones


  • On-slave signing produces broken NSEC(3) chain if glue node becomes (un-)orphaned #705
  • Server responds CNAME query with NXDOMAIN for CNAME synthesized from DNAME
  • Kdig crashes if source address and dnstap logging are specified together #702
  • Knotc fails to display error returned from zone freeze or zone thaw
  • Dynamically reconfigured zone isn't loaded upon configuration commit
  • Keymgr is unable to import BIND-style private key if it contains empty lines
  • Zone backup fails to backup keys if any of them is public-only
  • Failed to build with XDP support on Debian testing