Version 3.0.5


  • kdig: added support for TCP Fast Open on FreeBSD
  • keymgr: the SEP flag can be changed on already generated keys
  • Some documentation improvements


  • knotd: journal contents can be considered malformed after changeset merge
  • knotd: broken detection of TCP Fast Open availability
  • knotd: zone restore can stuck in an infinite loop if zone configuration changed
  • knotd: failed zone backup makes control socket unavailable
  • knotd: zone not stored to journal after reload if difference-no-serial is enabled
  • knotd: old key is being used after an algorithm rollover with a shared policy #721
  • keymgr: keytag not recomputed upon key flag change
  • kdig: TCP not used if +fastopen is set
  • mod-dnstap: the local address is empty
  • kzonecheck: missing letter lower-casing of the origin parameter
  • XDP mode wrongly detected on NetBSD
  • Failed to build knotd_stdio fuzzing utility