Version 3.1.1


  • keymgr: import-bind sets publish and active timers to now if missing timers #747
  • mod-rrl: added QNAME, which triggered an action, to log messages #757
  • systemd: added environment variable for setting maximum configuration DB size


  • knotd: adding RRSIGs to a signed zone can lead to redundant RRSIGs for some NSEC(3)s
  • knotd: code not compiled correctly for ARM on Fedora >= 33
  • knotd: server can crash when opening catalog DB on startup
  • knotd: incorrect catalog update counts in logs
  • knotd: journal discontinuity and zone-in-journal result in incorrectly calculated journal occupation
  • kdig: +noall does not filter out AUTHORITY comment #749
  • tests: journal unit test not passing if memory page size is different from 4096


  • libzscanner: reverted "omitted TTL value is correctly set to the last explicitly stated value (RFC 1035)" #751