Version 3.1.4


  • mod-dnstap: added 'responses-with-queries' configuration option (Thanks to Robert Edmonds)


  • knotd: DNSSEC keys are logged in sorted order by timestamp
  • mod-cookies: added statistics counter for dropped queries due to the slip limit
  • mod-dnstap: restored the original query QNAME case #773 (Thanks to Robert Edmonds)
  • configure: improved compatibility of some scripts on macOS and BSDs
  • doc: updates on DNSSEC signing


  • knotd: server can crash when receiving queries with NSID EDNS flag #774 (Thanks to Romain Labolle)
  • knotd: server crashes on reload when no interfaces configured #770
  • knotd: ZONEMD without DNSSEC not handled correctly
  • knotd: generated catalog zone not updated on config reload #772
  • knotd: zone catalog not verified before its interpretation
  • knotd: ds-push fails to update the parent zone if a CNAME exists for a non-terminal node