Version 3.1.6


  • knotd: optional D-Bus notifications for significant server and zone events (see 'server.dbus-event')
  • knotd: new submission configuration option for delayed KSK post-activation (see 'submission.parent-delay')
  • knotc: new commands for outgoing XFR freeze (see 'zone-xfr-freeze' and 'zone-xfr-thaw')
  • kzonesign: added multithreaded DNSSEC validation mode (see '--verify')


  • kdig: trailing data in reply packet is accepted with a warning
  • kdig: XFR responses are checked if SOA owners match
  • knotd: failed remote operations are logged as info instead of debug
  • knsec3hash: added alternative and more natural parameter semantics
  • knsupdate: interactive mode is newly based on library Editline
  • Dockerfile: added UID argument to facilitate the use of unprivileged container #783
  • doc: various fixes and improvements


  • libknot: inaccurate KNOT_DNAME_TXT_MAXLEN constant value #781
  • knotd: propagation delay not considered before DS push
  • knotd: excessive refresh retry delay when a few early attemps fail
  • knotd: duplicate KSK submission log message during a KSK rollover
  • kdig: dname letter case not preserved in XFR and Dnstap outputs
  • mod-cookies: missing server cookie in responses over TCP