Version 3.1.9


  • knotd: new configuration checks on unsupported catalog settings
  • knotd: semantic check issues have notice log level in the soft mode
  • keymgr: command generate-ksr automatically sets 'from' parameter to last offline KSK records' timestamp if it's not specified
  • keymgr: command show-offline starts from the first offline KSK record set if 'from' parameter isn't specified
  • kcatalogprint: new parameters for filtering catalog or member zone
  • mod-probe: default rate limit was increased to 100000
  • libknot: default control timeout was increased to 30 seconds
  • python/libknot: various exceptions are raised from class KnotCtl
  • doc: some improvements


  • knotd: incomplete outgoing IXFR is responded if journal history is inconsistent
  • knotd: manually triggered zone flush is suppressed if disabled zone synchronization
  • knotd: failed to configure XDP listen interface without port specification
  • knotd: de-cataloged member zone's file isn't deleted #805
  • knotd: member zone leaks memory when reloading catalog during dynamic configuration change
  • knotd: server can crash when reloading modules with DNSSEC signing (Thanks to iqinlongfei)
  • knotd: server crashes during shutdown if PKCS #11 keystore is used
  • keymgr: command del-all-old isn't applied to all keys in the removed state
  • kxdpgun: user specified network interface isn't used
  • libs: fixed compilation on illumos derivatives (Thanks to Nick Ewins)