Version 3.2.2


  • knotd,kxdpgun: support for VLAN (802.1Q) traffic in the XDP mode
  • knotd: added configurable delay upon D-Bus initialization (see 'server.dbus-init-delay')
  • kdig: support for JSON (RFC 8427) output format (see '+json')
  • kdig: support for PROXYv2 (see '+proxy') (Gift for Peter van Dijk)


  • mod-geoip: module respects the server configuration of answer rotation
  • libs: upgraded embedded libngtcp2 to 0.10.0
  • tests: improved robustness of some unit tests
  • doc: added description of zone bootstrap re-planning


  • knotd: catalog confusion when a member is added and immediately deleted #818
  • knotd: defective handling of short messages with PROXYv2 header #816
  • knotd: inconsistent processing of malformed messages with PROXYv2 header #817
  • kxdpgun: incorrect XDP mode is logged
  • packaging: outdated dependency check in RPM packages