Version 3.2.4


  • knotd: significant speed-up of catalog zone update processing
  • knotd: new runtime check if RRSIG lifetime is lower than RRSIG refresh
  • knotd: reworked zone re-bootstrap scheduling to be less progressive
  • mod-synthrecord: module can work with CIDR-style reverse zones #826
  • python: new libknot wrappers for some dname transformation functions
  • doc: a few fixes and improvements


  • knotd: incomplete zone is received when IXFR falls back to AXFR due to connection timeout if primary puts initial SOA only to the first message
  • knotd: first zone re-bootstrap is planned after 24 hours
  • knotd: EDNS EXPIRE option is present in outgoing transfer of a catalog zone
  • knotd: catalog zone can expire upon EDNS EXPIRE processing
  • knotd: DNSSEC signing doesn't fail if no offline KSK records available