Version 3.2.5


  • knotd: new configuration option for enforcing IXFR fallback (see 'zone.provide-ixfr')


  • knotd: changed UNIX socket file mode to 0222 for answering and 0220 for control
  • mod-probe: new support for communication over a UNIX socket
  • kdig: new support for communication over a UNIX socket
  • libs: upgraded embedded libngtcp2 to 0.13.0
  • doc: various improvements


  • knotd: failed to get catalog member configuration if catalog template is in a template
  • knotd: failed to respond over a UNIX socket with EDNS
  • knotd: unexpected zone update upon restart or zone reload if ZONEMD generation is enabled
  • knotd: redundant zone flush of unchanged zone if zone file load is 'difference-no-serial'
  • knotd/kxdpgun: failed to receive messages over XDP with drivers tap or ena
  • knotc: zone check doesn't report missing zone file #829
  • kxdpgun: program crashes when remote closes QUIC connection instead of resumption
  • mod-geoip: configuration check leaks memory in the geodb mode
  • utils: unwanted color reset sequences in non-color output