Version 3.2.6


  • libs: upgraded embedded libngtcp2 to 0.13.1
  • libs: added support for building on Cygwin and MSYS (Thanks to Christopher Ng)
  • mod-dnstap: improved precision of stored time values
  • kdig: added option for EDNS EXPIRE (see '+expire') #836
  • kdig: extended description of SOA timers in the multiline mode
  • kdig: reduced latency of TLS communication
  • libknot: added EDE codes 28 and 29
  • doc: various improvements


  • knotd: generated catalog zone not updated upon server reload #834
  • knotd: failed to check shared module configuration
  • knotd: missing RCU registration of the statistics thread (Thanks to Qin Longfei)
  • knotd: server logs failed to send QUIC packets in the XDP mode
  • libs: inconsistent transformation of IPv4-Compatible IPv6 Addresses
  • utils: failed to load configuration if dnstap module is enabled #831
  • libknot: missing include string.h