Version 3.2.7


  • knotd: new configuration option for preserving incoming IXFR changeset history (see 'zone.ixfr-by-one')


  • knotd: journal ensures the stored changeset's SOA serials are strictly increasing
  • knotd: more effective handling of zero KNOT_ZONE_LOAD_TIMEOUT_SEC environment value
  • knotd, kdig: incoming transfer fails if a message has the TC bit set
  • knotd, kjournalprint: store or print the timestamp of changeset creation
  • kxdpgun: load only necessary number of queries (Thanks to Petr Špaček)
  • kxdpgun: print ratio of sent vs. requested queries (Thanks to Petr Špaček)
  • kxdpgun: print percentages as floats (Thanks to Petr Špaček)
  • kjournalprint: ability to print a changeset loop
  • kjournalprint: added changset serials information to '-z -d' output
  • packaging: RHEL9 requires libxdp like fedora since RHEL 9.2 #844
  • doc: various improvements


  • knotd: journal loading can get stuck in a multi-changeset loop
  • knotd: missing RCU lock when reading zone through the control interface
  • knotd: server start D-Bus signaling doesn't work well if the zone file is missing, catalog zones are used, or in the async-start mode
  • knotd: test suite fails on 32bit architectures on musl 1.2 and newer #843
  • knotd: failed to process zero-length messages over QUIC
  • libs: compilation with embedded ngtcp2 fails if there is another ngtcp2 in the path