Version 3.2.10


  • knotd: multiple catalog groups per member are tolerated, but only one is used
  • knotd: server cleans up stale LMDB readers when opening a RW transaction


  • knotd: server can crash when adjusting a wildcard glue
  • knotd: failed to forward DDNS if 'zone.master' points to 'remotes'
  • knotd: subsequent addition and removal to catalog zone isn't handled properly
  • knotd: server can crash if a shared module is loaded and dynamic configuration used
  • knotc: configuration import fails if an explicit shared module is configured
  • kdig: double-free on some malformed responses over QUIC #869
  • kdig: some TLS parameters override QUIC parameters
  • libs: NULL record with empty RDATA isn't allowed