Version 3.3.2


  • knotd: support for IXFR from AXFR computation (see 'zone.ixfr-from-axfr')
  • knotd: support benevolent IXFR (see 'zone.ixfr-benevolent')
  • knot-exporter: new configuration option '--no-zone-serial' #880


  • libs: upgraded embedded libngtcp2 to 1.0.0
  • knotd: added logging of new SOA serial when signing is finished
  • knotd: unified some XDP-related logging
  • keymgr: improved error message if a key file is not accessible
  • keymgr: added offline RRSIGs validation at the end of their validity intervals
  • kdig: upgraded EDNS presentation format to draft version -02
  • kdig: simplified QUIC connection without extra PING frames
  • kzonecheck: removed requirement that DS is at delegation point
  • doc: various fixes and improvements


  • knotd: logged incorrect new SOA serial if 'zonefile-load: difference' is set #875
  • knotd: more signing threads with a PKCS #11 keystore has no effect #876
  • knotd: DNAME record returned with query domain name instead of actual name #873
  • knotd: failed to import configuration file if mod-geoip is in use #881
  • knotd: failed to sign RRSet that fits to 64k only if compressed
  • knotd: broken zone update context upon failed operation over control interface
  • keymgr: offline RRSIGs not refreshed if 'rrsig-refresh' is not set
  • knsupdate: incorrect processing of @ in the delete operation #879
  • knot-exporter: failed to parse knotd PIDs on FreeBSD