Version 3.3.4


  • knotd: new configuration item for clearing configuration sections (see 'clear')
  • knotc: configuration import can preserve database contents (see '+nopurge' flag)
  • kxdpgun: new parameter for setting UDP payload size in EDNS (see '--edns-size') #915


  • knotd: extended configuration check for 'zonefile-load' and 'journal-content'
  • knotd: lowered check limit for additional NSEC3 iterations to 0
  • knotd: lowered severity level of an informational backup log
  • knotd: better log message when flushing the journal
  • knotd: zone restore checks if requested contents are in the provided backup
  • knotc: '+quic' is default for zone backup, '+noquic' is default for zone restore
  • kdig: better processing of timeouts and reduced sent datagrams over QUIC
  • kdig: no retries are attempted over QUIC
  • keymgr: improved compatibility with bind9-generated keys
  • libs: some improvements in XDP buffer allocation
  • libs: upgraded embedded libngtcp2 to 1.2.0
  • doc: various fixes and updates


  • knotd: failed to build on macOS #909
  • knotd: 'nsec3-salt-lifetime: -1' doesn't work if 'ixfr-from-axfr' is enabled
  • knotd: unnecessarily updated RRSIGs if 'ixfr-from-axfr' and signing are enabled
  • knotc: zone check complains about missing zone file #913
  • kdig: failed to try another target address over QUIC
  • libknot: infinite loop in knot_rrset_to_wire_extra() #916