Version 3.3.5


  • knotd: new module mod-authsignal for automatic authenticated DNSSEC bootstrapping records synthesis (Thanks to Peter Thomassen)
  • kzonecheck: new optional ZONEMD verification (see option '-z')


  • knotd: new DNSSEC key rollover log informs about next planned key action
  • knotd, kzonecheck: added limit on non-matching keys with a duplicate keytag
  • knot-exporter: added counter-type variant for each metric (Thanks to Marcel Koch)
  • libs: upgraded embedded libngtcp2 to 1.3.0
  • doc: various fixes and updates


  • knotd, kzonecheck: failed to validate RRSIG if there are more keys with the same keytag
  • knotd, kzonecheck: failed to validate zone with more CSK keys
  • libknot: insufficient check for malformed TCP header options over XDP
  • libzscanner: incorrect alpn processing #923