Version 3.2.1


  • libknot: added compatibility with libbpf 1.0 and libxdp
  • libknot: removed some trailing white space characters from textual RR format
  • libs: upgraded embedded libngtcp2 to 0.8.1


  • knotd: some non-DNS packets not passed to OS if XDP mode enabled
  • knotd: inappropriate log about QUIC port change if QUIC not enabled
  • knotd/kxdpgun: various memory leaks related to QUIC and TCP
  • kxdpgun: can crash at high rates in emulated XDP mode
  • tests: broken XDP-TCP test on 32-bit platforms
  • kdig: failed to build with enabled QUIC on OpenBSD
  • systemd: failed to start server due to TemporaryFileSystem setting
  • packaging: missing knot-dnssecutils package on CentOS 7